Experienced Land Brokerage Services


We offer a variety of services to our clients.

Title Examination Run Sheets

We examine digital and hard copies with: cover reports, run sheets, GIS, current and historical maps, flow charts, assessment data and copies of all relevant documents including state oil and gas well reports. This can be presented both in conventional paper and digital formats. We have experienced title examiners to examine any: quick surface examinations, in-depth mineral titles, leasehold titles, or sovereignty run sheets.

Lease Acquisition & Data Management

We will acquire the leases for your project and manage the details. Using our Bluetick LMS (or your preferred system) we will: keep track of all contracts and obligations, make payments, issue 1099s, handle IRS filings, and supply you with the needed documentation and reports.

Lease Development, Title Curative & Division Orders

We can provide complete title curative along with assistance in productive acreage management, unit designations, allocation wells, and division of interest decks.

Asset Due Diligence

We have handled millions of dollars' worth of acquisitions and divestitures, providing: in-house examination of sellers' files, obligation maintenance, field verification of titles, regulatory filings, surface inspections, and inventory verification.

GIS Mapping

We utilize GIS mapping to capture, store, manage, and present all types of spatial and geographical data for our clients. We can provide ownerships, leaseholds, and pipeline maps using a variety of cultural, geological, and topographic formats.

Surface Acquisitions, Damage Settlements, & Rights of Way

We can manage the acquisition agreements of multiple surface requirements: drill sites, access roads, pipeline infrastructure, processing facilities, water use, and permit requirements. We provide surface agreements and pipelines for a major East Texas operator, drilling over 350 wells per year. We pride ourselves on completing our jobs in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. We have managed numerous eminent domain projects involving title negotiation and court appearances. We have experience dealing with city, county, state, and federal entities.