S e r v i c e s

We offer a variety of professional land brokerage services to our clients.

Title examination services Tyler, Texas

Title Examination

We have experienced title examiners to examine quick surface examinations, in-depth mineral titles, leasehold titles, and sovereignty run sheets.

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Lease acquisition services Tyler, Texas

Lease Acquisition

We have the capability to acquire leases for your project and manage the details.

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Lease development services Tyler, Texas

Lease Development

We can provide complete title curative along with assistance in productive acreage management, unit designations, allocation wells, and division of interest decks.

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Asset due diligence services Tyler, Texas

Asset Due Diligence

We have handled millions of dollars in acquisitions and divestitures.

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GIS Mapping Services Tyler, Texas

GIS Mapping

We utilize GIS mapping to capture, store, manage, and present all types of spatial and geographical data for our clients.

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Surface acquisition services Tyler, Texas

Surface Acquisitions

We can manage the acquisition agreements of multiple surface requirements.

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